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Easy, Customizable Project Management:
5pm handles more than the popular Basecamp, but still manages to be easy for a project management neophyte to understand.
fantastic look and feel
much simpler and easier to use than Basecamp.  ...definitely project management made easy.
I was struck by how easy the system was to use without any sort of primer.
We keep 5pm team caffeinated and they keep us organized.
– Mitch Nemetz, Caribou Coffee
Better tools = better results. Thanks 5pm.
– Gavin Waugh,The Wendy’s Company
I really think 5pm is the best thing since individually wrapped pop tarts."
– Barbie Shipley | iMoms.com
Straight forward and easyto use with minimal training.I was using it proficiently in about an hour.
– Shawn Hendriks, Autodesk Media and Entertainment
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